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Illegal Use of a Stolen Firearm. SB 6402

Illegal Use of a Stolen Firearm.

Under current Washington law, anyone who knowingly possesses, uses, delivers or sells a stolen firearm is guilty of a Class B felony.  But current law does not address the illegal use of a stolen firearm.  Statistics clearly show that a large majority of gun crime and gun violence is committed by those unlawfully possessing firearms or illegally obtaining firearms.  SB 6402 finally addresses instances where a stolen firearm is then used in the commission of a crime, specifically if discharged.  In situations where a stolen firearm is then discharged in the commission of a crime, that constitutes a separate Class B felony.  

Lawful and responsible gun owners statewide recognize the problem of gun violence.  But the problem is not the gun, it's the violence.  Most of the proposed gun legislation for this session does nothing more than infringe upon citizens to defend themselves.  Legislation such as SB 6402 actually addresses one of the many issues surrounding gun violence, the illegal use of illegal firearms.  

You can track SB 6402 and read the entire bill here.

Theft of a Firearm.

Another bill, SB 6406, if passed would create a new crime of "theft of a firearm from any home, vehicle, store, shop or sales outlet."  Specifically, the law would state:

A person is guilty of theft of a firearm from a residence, store, shop, sales outlet, or vehicle if he or she commits a theft of any firearm from a residence, store, shop, or sales outlet where firearms are sold, or from any vehicle.  Each firearm taken would constitute a separate offense under this law.  This offense is a Class B felony.  

You can track SB 6406 and read the entire bill here. 

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