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Legislative Updates

During the 2019-2020 legislative session, several new firearm restrictions are being proposed in Washington State.  Led primarily by Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, the current legislative session is replete with new legislation, which if passed, would significantly limit the Second Amendment Rights of Washington citizens.  

A summary of each bill is below with links to specific pages for each piece of legislation.  

New Firearms Bills Currently Before Washington State Legislature 2019-2020 Legislative Session.

Senate Bill 6077

  • This bill, if passed, would ban the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, etc. of standard capacity magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. This measure is strongly supported by the Governor and the Attorney General.  Obviously, there are numerous firearms which utilize magazines with capacity greater than 10 rounds.  Some of the most popular everyday carry handguns carry more than 10 rounds.  Learn more.

Senate Bill 6294

  • This bill would impose more government red tape and expensive training requirements before an individual could obtain a Concealed Pistol License.  Currently, Washington law does not require training in order to obtain a CPL, but only that the individual must be eligible to possess a handgun.  Learn more.

Senate Bill 6347

  • A companion bill to SB 6294, this bill would extend the duration of Concealed Pistol Licenses from five years to seven years but only for individuals who have undergone mandatory government training.  Learn more.

Senate Bill 6288

  • Perhaps one of the scariest pieces of legislation is SB 6288.  This bill would create an Office of Firearm Violence Prevention within the Executive Branch of the state government. The current Gubernatorial administration has made it clear their position on Second Amendment issues, as they routinely sponsor and support gun banning legislation and initiatives designed to disarm law-abiding citizens. A huge concern is this office would be nothing more than a tax-payer funded lobby group whose sole purpose is to erode self-defense rights in Washington.  Learn more.

Senate Bill 6163

  • This bill would require firearm forfeiture from individuals charged, but not convicted, of a felony DUI.  Current Washington law requires that any individual facing charges for a violent felony, in which probable cause has been found, must surrender all firearms.  Although DUI, and for that matter felony DUI, are not violent offenses, this legislation would require individuals facing felony DUI charges to be treated as the same as those being charged with murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and other serious violent offenses.  Opponents of this legislation believe the Right to Keep and Bear Arms should not be treated as a second-class right and should only be restricted when sufficient protections are in place.  Learn more.

Not all bills before the legislature are intended to restrict the rights of the lawful and responsible gun owner.  Two bills correctly address one of the real problems with gun violence, namely unlawfully possessed firearms.  

Senate Bill 6406

  • This bill provides that the theft of a firearm from a residence, shop, or sales outlet is a Class B Felony. This bill rightly focuses on the illegal actions of criminals, instead of targeting law abiding gun owners.  However, current Washington law already provides that theft of a firearm is a Class B Felony, but this legislation further defines the crime and ways to commit it.  

Senate Bill 6402

  • This bill also provides increased punishment for the illegal use of a stolen firearm. Under this bill, it would be a separate Class B Felony for a person, while committing a felony, to discharge a stolen firearm, or use the stolen firearm to threaten or menace another person.  Under current Washington law, a person may be charged with possession of a stolen firearms, a Class B felony.  However, should someone use, discharge or threaten a person with a stolen firearm, that person would be charged with a separate Class B Felony under the new law.  Learn more.  

In addition to the bills before the State Senate, several more bills which could significantly impact the rights of Washington citizens are before the State House as well.  

House Bill 1374

  • The first of several bills, which if passed, would significantly reduce the rights of gun owners this bill would abolish Washington's decades old state preemption statute, allowing localities to pass any gun control measures they see fit. Under current, and well established Washington law, no City, Municipality or County can place further restrictions upon gun owners above and beyond what State law permits.  Abolishing this would literally permit cities such as Seattle, to restrict the Second Amendment Rights of its citizens similar to that is seen in places such as New York City.  Learn more.

House Bill 2519

  • Another bill which could have devastating effects to the rights of lawful and responsible gun owners is this bill which would ban online sales of ammunition, and potentially require background checks for all ammunition purchases. This bill comes on the heels of California's failed ammunition background check system and is being supported by the Attorney General.  This bill has far reaching implications as discussed further here, consequently, this bill must be defeated.  Learn more.

House Bill 2240

  • A companion bill to SB 6077, this bill would ban the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, etc. of magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. This measure is strongly supported by the Governor and the Attorney General.  Learn more.

House Bill 2241

  • A companion bill to SB 6077, this bill would ban certain semi-automatic rifles and magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. Critics point out that HB 2241, like its predecessors, would do nothing to impact crime or keep Washingtonians safer.  Learn more.

House Bill 1315

  • A companion bill to SB 6294, this bill would mandate government approved training for all individuals desiring to obtain a Concealed Pistol License (CPL).  Learn more.

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