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Mandatory Training for Concealed Pistol Licenses. SB 6294

Mandatory Training for Concealed Pistol Licenses.  

Under current Washington law, a person will be granted a concealed pistol license (CPL) within 30 days of the date of their application.  If law enforcement cannot establish a disqualifying event, THEY SHALL ISSUE a CPL to the applicant.  Current law does not require any sort of training before a person receives their CPL  If passed, this law would now require a person, applying for a CPL, to prove that they have completed a "recognized" firearm safety class in the last 5 years which covers, at a minimum:

1.  Basic firearm safety.

2.  Firearms and children.

3.  Firearms and suicide prevention.

4.  Safe storage of firearms to prevent unauthorized access.

5.  Safe handling of firearms.

6.  State and Federal laws regarding transfer of firearms.

7.  State laws pertaining to the use of force and deadly force in self-defense.

8..  Techniques for avoiding conflict and violent interactions.  

9.  Live fire proficiency observed by a licensed firearms instructor.  

Readers will recognize many of these topics as the first 6 are the same as what is required under Initiative 1639 before a person may purchase a semi-automatic rifle.  The new requirements include training on self-defense law, which is always useful to anyone choosing to defend themselves.  However, the legislation also includes curriculum component of "techniques for avoiding a criminal attack and how to manage a violent confrontation, including conflict resolution."  What any of that means, is anyone's guess.  

However, nearly all incident of gun violence involve unlawful firearms being used for unlawful purposes.  Mandating training, in all likelihood, will not prevent further violence.  It will, however, provide government with yet another opportunity to further restrict access to Second Amendment protections.  

Track SB 6294 and read the entire bill here.

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