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Posted by William Kirk, Partner | Mar 20, 2020 | 2 Comments

We are certainly living in unprecedented times.  The Coronavirus has changed our entire way of life, business has come to a screeching halt, and personal interaction is a thing of the past.  That has many Americans scared.  Scared that both guns sales and ammunition sales are now exceeding the pace set immediately after the Sandy Hook tragedy.  The firearms industry, which was struggling mightily since the election of President Trump, has found a new life.  Sales of all firearms and all calibers of ammunition are at an all time high.  Some of the more reliable online retailers for ammunition have nearly run out:

Target Sports USA

Sportsman's Guide

Capitalizing on the fear of Americans, Cheaper Than Dirt this week took the concept of "supply and demand" and tried to gouge lawful and responsible gun owners nationwide in a manner which can only be described in contract law as "unconscionable."  Fortunately, the Second Amendment community is a close knit one which carefully monitors itself.  Within hours, several videos were hitting YouTube alerting consumers to the insane price gouging at the expense of gun owners everywhere.  At one time, Cheaper Than Dirt was selling Remington 9mm brass cased target ammo, 115 grain, for $979!!!  That's nearly $1.00 per round for ammo that normally sells for about .$0.16 per round.  

What makes matters worse, this is not the first time that Cheaper Than Dirt has capitalized on the fear of Americans to take advantage of gun owners.  Let us all remember that following the Sandy Hook tragedy, Cheaper Than Dirt notoriously jacked prices on ammo and magazines to levels that had many crying foul then.  Some even questioned whether or not Cheaper Than Dirt supported the Second Amendment.

The gun community is now demanding a boycott of Cheaper Than Dirt.  Some have even suggested that the Government should investigate further, which is odd considering how many Second Amendment supporters view the role of government in private affairs, but we digress.  But the outcry continues for gun owners to never do business with them again.  It's true, we live in a free market society where the law of supply and demand rules.  Yes, Cheaper Than Dirt, you do have the right to raise your prices to whatever you think the market will support.  But the consumer has the right to know what you do, why you do it, and who you do it to.  For the second time in a less than a decade, your company has exploited the fears of hard working, law abiding, gun owning Americans.  You have shown your true colors to the American consumer.  You have shown your lack of deference to our Second Amendment rights and a lack of respect for the American gun owner.  You have the right to do business as you wish, but we have the right to never do business with you again.  I hope that every lawful and responsible gun owner in America joins us at Washington Gun Law in declaring that you will never do business with us again.  

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William Kirk, Partner

Bill Kirk has been named a Super Lawyer by Washington Law and Politics Magazine every year since 2003. He currently serves on the Board of Regents to the National College for DUI Defense and is the President of the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice. Bill is one of only two attorneys in this state to pass the National College's Board Certification Exam.


Richard Laporte Reply

Posted Aug 19, 2020 at 07:17:34

Great article by Mr. Kirk and I agree, price gouging is the “Democrats” way of stifling our 2nd amendment rights. So fk you Cheaper than dirt!

Ed Reply

Posted Aug 21, 2020 at 13:08:24

I no longer will support Cheaper Than Dirt

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